Re-Working What Happens when Game over

Right now I have been working on optimizing the challenge mode, and displaying it but haven't gotten it to a point of showing anything. Working on A LOT of image icons for the different achievements. Also working on some game music.

Here is just a test clip using my midi keyboard and 2 tracks:

 Here is what I have so far for the game over changes:

Instead of automatically sending the player to the main menu every time I gave the option to do so or just retry. The other thing I have been working on is getting the highscore only to display during arcade mode as it is ill relevent to the other modes, which have different purposes, and will alter gameplay negatively other wise.

Challenge mode has a set of 3 different tiers of objectives to do. Each tier has a never ending loop of challenges to complete, but they do repeat. Every time you complete a objective you earn upgrade points which you can use to improve your bus, and change how it looks.

Arcade mode will consist of no upgrades, looks can be changed, like a different bus sprite if the player chooses to but other than that No..

Speaking of which I am working on the upgrade store like system as well.
Still drawing out concepts for it.

current builds are for ouya just because I have to do a lot of work porting it around and I just want to finish these updates before I do that. The ouya version was just suppose to be a port in the first place, but it ended up being the first one to get the updates because how much effort it took just to port it. I will had to rework most of the game.

Platforms in need of updates : windows, mac, linux, googleplay, chrome web store
I am also looking for places to publish this game.....

It is HTML 5 so it can go on pretty much any website, and I tried publishing it on my own site once but ran into problems:

I did  for this game was I think 0.3 and I had them up on a FTP server that got pulled down because people DDOSed the host through a security hole that they refused to corporate with me on trying to fix even before the ddosing in which they blamed me for it instead of accepting their own faults and false advertising...

It was a FTP I used to host a small website I made entirely on my own, with nothing but a text editor, that was compatible with old dail up connections with heavily compressed images down to color pallets of 8 with websafe colors. In other words images in the bytes range for the most part.

I used construct2 and I had this game when it was REALLY REALLY simple (like maybe 15 events and like 1 type of car with a custom version with all websafe 4 color limited images.... basically it looked like a atari 2600 game at that point lol.... maybe worse... wish I would have taken a screen shot because that version is lost.... But yeah its come a long ways...

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