Construct 2 cool thing I found out... Canvas screen shots...

Look what I can do. LOL....
I was just testing this out cause I saw it, and I was like what does canvas screen shots do... apparently this is what they do... to bad I havn't figured out a way to store them in webstorage or something.... then I could make a paint program and people can make their own bus's.
I could let them download it but I am pretty sure I will run into problems on ouya publishing it, and the other problem is if the user downloads it I would have to code it to load from a file location that may differ and may change..... D:  This would be awesome to have if only it worked like I want it too.... I guess people can have their custom skins but they would have to redo it every time.

The other thing is that Canvas Screen shot is a single value overridden each canvas shot. Meaning if you wanted multiple things custom then you might run into a problem.
I think having a custom bus option would be cool to have, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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