PC release coming soon.

I am currently working on updating the google play version at the moment but as soon as I am done with that I will be working on getting the pc version of the game up and going.  Currently I am running into financial troubles as well though. Currently I can not get into any position I want, so I have been applying myself to minimum wage jobs and still I haven't gotten any call backs. I want to continue developing games, but I am lacking motivation to due to constantly being screwed over by Google, Amazon, and many other digital distribution services, along with their other services such as google adsense failing to actually pay me and making boat loads of money off of me for these blogs and youtube videos I have.

 Along with failing to ever being able to be able to afford SDK kits for systems such as the WiiU. So no I wont be touching any console other than android ones for a very long time.

I guess I would normally rant on how the economy is not getting better at all and those who are saying it are only saying it because it has only gotten better for them or they want others to feel like it is getting better to spend what little money they have left so the rich can get richer.

In any case I will be working on bringing the most up to date version to PC, not just windows but mac and Linux. I need testers for mac, I wont be able to pay though much like I have already stated I am running into financial issues. I will not need any more testers than mac users but if anyone else would like to try it let me know. I currently do not have any means in which to distribute the game besides FTP's and cloud sharing websites. I have not worked out any deals or anything like that with any business's as I am getting fustraighted with them constantly screwing me over. Maybe I will in time, but as for right now I just want to ad touches to the game and work on porting it around a bit more. I got many of the ideas for it done actually now. I am also looking into publishing a much cleaner android build with intel XDK

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