Bought bonus's going to be added in BD2DER 1.2

  • Every 30 seconds 1 upgrade point will be added along with every time you reach over a highscore bonus points will be added based off score. Regardless of mode selected
  • A additional bus will be added
  • A additional terrain will be added
  • A different horn sound will play
  • A radio will be added to your bus to play some music

All of these updates depend on cocoonjs updates and intergration of IAP, It will also very version to version. Such as the Ouya version can not handle cocoonjs's IAP. If anyone else knows a route to publish to ouya other than Cocoonjs with construct 2 let me know. I have contacted Ouya Support team nearly a month ago about the issues with cocoonjs and no word back.

Also windows 8 & windows 8.1 should be obvious by now but those are no longer supported.

Google chrome builds will be made available once the android version is patched, which will be after the ouya final build is patched.  I plan on ending this game with the 1.2 patch, I want to work on different projects and games. I would love to do a 3d arena fps similar to quake and unreal tournament.

I already have a 3d platformer game, I made for a class I wanted to release but it became a hot mess due to the inablity to import animations into unity from milkshape 3d.

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