Ouya miscommunicated.... and Screw CoCoonjs...

When I contacted support and asked them why I wasn't getting paid they explained they operate over a threshold system saying I have to make $150 monthly in ordered to get paid I was confused, and enraged because I know with as small user base as they have I would never make that much. I spent over a year working on a game in what little free time I had and I was angry because I thought they were going to keep raking in money and never pay me. I tried to get my app pulled from their store they simply wouldn't let me have it pulled. There is no way to get them to remove a game, they just use us developers to advertise the number of games they have and oh no if someone wants to pull out they don't let them.

So I jumped on that unofficial ouya forum and made a post stating warning developers to stay away from the platform and I got a lot of lash back, and a few "refractals" in the process. I had at least 3 other guys from ouya explain to me that it wasn't like that at all.

They said it is a one time ordeal and that it isn't every month unlike what their support guy told me. Which I would have had a problem with because I would never make $150 a month off a game where I had it optional to donate. I only have 2 donators so far for $0.99, and I found out cocoonjs isn't supporting IAP for ouya and they wont be, I thought they would be, I was putting all this effort into their IAP system, and it seems like they don't care what developers want. Next game I make for android just going to use a chromium wrapper with intel XDK or something else than cocoonjs. They claim to support ouya too but anything I try to do anything with it I run into bugs and problems everywhere.

Sounds like someone in their support should get some "refractals" them self, at ouya.

Here is what their support hours had to say to me:

Notice the first guy told me its monthly, royalties. Meaning they would have been paid that $150 before I made a single cent and that I would have had to make it monthly and they would keep that $150 and I wouldn't get paid until a month later. I still doubt I would ever make that much ever on their system still. Freaken 2 donations for $0.99 because Cocoonjs doesn't support IAP. Would have done it differently if cocoonjs would actually support IAP.

If you decide to use cocoonjs for ouya just do premium or all free, it's a headache dealing with their IAP atleast with construct 2. But so few people have used it seems like I'm the only one using it because its "Support" is just words saying they support it and having us developers being the test code monkeies. I really can't blame them for a free service though. Idk how they are making income off of this lol.....

As of right now I don't know if I can trust any of the staff at ouya.

Yes ouya folks you will still be getting updates.But I think in these later updates I will just avoid IAP and just make future updates of the game full on Premium or switch to a chromium wrapper if ouya supports it.

If I had it my way you wouldn't, spent a year trying to get a game to even run on ouya through a service that barely works.

Tim G. at ouya says it does but its massive in size for his source code so idk if he was talking about intel IDX construct 2's natural chromium wrapper or one of his own.

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