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I have decided to include and bundle all the versions up for a low price, web play is still free on motorization sites like gamejolt, and it will be going to New Grounds in a few days but on the only way developers can make money is through donations. I have tried to implement web play with my other games on but recieved no donations what so ever and with the lack of sales from the website, I have decided to lower the over all cost by grouping it all together for a low price of $3.40 reg.

You get a windows, mac, linux builds, android build and you get the source project.

Buy it with source project on
Buy it Just the game on Scirra:
Play it on gamejolt:

A few patches done 9/18/14

-Resolution problems on android and gamejolt fixed.
-Controller issues solved on android and desktop builds
-fixed icon for windows
-added screen shot feature to web play versions press * as of right now webplay is only on gamejolt(doesn't work with desktop or android versions)

Release today

Today I am working on releasing Bus Driver 2D experience rush on gamejolt, and
I will be working on trying to get android builds out, and chrome.

Play On gamejolt:

Release plans for Pro edition

Will get web, windows, mac, linux trophy and leaderboard support only for web. cost: free/none
Will get windows, mac, linux.
cost: $0.25+ suggested price $1.99 android 4.2+(arm; x86) price $0.99
source code cost: $4.99 Chrome web store:
cost: $0.99
cost $0.99 (only android 4.0+ version(arm))
Scirra Arcade(canceled due to file size limitations being low)

If there is any place you would like my game please suggest it, these are the only places as of right now are for sure.

Android Gets a new build and a new intel engine

For the android build of this game I have decided to switch from cocoonjs to intel XDK for its multi arch support and performance increase over cocoonjs, without any of cocoonjs's problems. The only problem it has is controller support. It reads it like PC does were it needs a 360 controller if you are to use one but lucky the game has touch controls fully integrated and functional. It functions as it would in chrome because it uses a chrome wrapper from what I have read. Meaning it is probably the most cleanest ports that can exist to android for construct 2.

Intel makes a pretty damn good tool even though cakewalk is in beta.

PC & web release coming soon

The game I have worked on for over a year now, on and off in my free time, I am having someone else doing the music for the game, and the game is pretty much done right now, I am just working out details of individual site releases, like gamejolt, in which I have added trophies and a highscore table. I am also working on getting it on and scirra arcade releases with their own workouts. Scirra arcade has a 10 mb limit, which the game is over it right now with its compressed format.

I'm hoping to get it out within the next week or so, but delays could set it back with each platform.