Thursday, July 31, 2014

So I heard you like goals in your games....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goals finished and displaying

Now I got it displaying when you complete a goal, a image, the goal's name, and, how many upgrade points you earned from it. They are never ending by the way, once you complete a tier it increases the difficulty, and how many points you get from each goal. A tier is a set of 5 different goals, and their are 3 tiers in the game so far, which means 15 goals so far, with 15 different messages and difficulty. As of right now it does reward you with the points, but it does not have a menu to display the challenges themselve out. Going to be working on that and once I get all that complete I can work on the upgrade shop and have it effect gameplay for challenge mode. Arcade mode which is to get a high score will not be effected by this.

Ouya sales numbers of this game...

The sales numbers for the month is 2..... those 2 were when I had a donate system in.... Looks like premium isn't the way to go unless you are super popular game on the system like towerfall. Free to try or die it seems like....

Don't know whether I should continue even trying any more.... Ouya a system where developers go to die from discouragement..... This system has been nothing but trouble for me since I started trying to develop for it... I find it funny how many people got mad at me for getting mad over the $150 threshold requirement.... This is why... you pour a bunch of effort into getting the game on the system then get nothing out of it.... Not even feed back from anyone out side of ouya's staff.... Stars don't tell me why people have a problem or what the problems are...

Making the game free with a donate option but because cocoonjs doesn't support IAP for ouya I doubt any one will use it minus the 2 people who already have because the only place you can access it is a single option on the games download/update page..

Friday, July 25, 2014

Re-Working What Happens when Game over

Right now I have been working on optimizing the challenge mode, and displaying it but haven't gotten it to a point of showing anything. Working on A LOT of image icons for the different achievements. Also working on some game music.

Here is just a test clip using my midi keyboard and 2 tracks:

 Here is what I have so far for the game over changes:

Instead of automatically sending the player to the main menu every time I gave the option to do so or just retry. The other thing I have been working on is getting the highscore only to display during arcade mode as it is ill relevent to the other modes, which have different purposes, and will alter gameplay negatively other wise.

Challenge mode has a set of 3 different tiers of objectives to do. Each tier has a never ending loop of challenges to complete, but they do repeat. Every time you complete a objective you earn upgrade points which you can use to improve your bus, and change how it looks.

Arcade mode will consist of no upgrades, looks can be changed, like a different bus sprite if the player chooses to but other than that No..

Speaking of which I am working on the upgrade store like system as well.
Still drawing out concepts for it.

current builds are for ouya just because I have to do a lot of work porting it around and I just want to finish these updates before I do that. The ouya version was just suppose to be a port in the first place, but it ended up being the first one to get the updates because how much effort it took just to port it. I will had to rework most of the game.

Platforms in need of updates : windows, mac, linux, googleplay, chrome web store
I am also looking for places to publish this game.....

It is HTML 5 so it can go on pretty much any website, and I tried publishing it on my own site once but ran into problems:

I did  for this game was I think 0.3 and I had them up on a FTP server that got pulled down because people DDOSed the host through a security hole that they refused to corporate with me on trying to fix even before the ddosing in which they blamed me for it instead of accepting their own faults and false advertising...

It was a FTP I used to host a small website I made entirely on my own, with nothing but a text editor, that was compatible with old dail up connections with heavily compressed images down to color pallets of 8 with websafe colors. In other words images in the bytes range for the most part.

I used construct2 and I had this game when it was REALLY REALLY simple (like maybe 15 events and like 1 type of car with a custom version with all websafe 4 color limited images.... basically it looked like a atari 2600 game at that point lol.... maybe worse... wish I would have taken a screen shot because that version is lost.... But yeah its come a long ways...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Check out Cloudberry Kingdom via Club Nintendo

You want difficulty play this game. Its fun but very challenging, it is a 2d platformer with a simple objective of getting to the end of each stage. Sounds simple? Its not.

Check out Cloudberry Kingdom via Club Nintendo

Friday, July 18, 2014 even more work done....

New Logo

A lot of new code for goals to reach to progress and earn UPoints...
Its over 200 events, I really should look into a way of sliming it down for optimization...
Also working on fixing a game breaking glitch in result of the tier 3 session events..
Also have to work on a page showing off the challenges completed and descriptions..

Text display added for after reaching the goals but not finalized....
 Going to have images next to them

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ouya miscommunicated.... and Screw CoCoonjs...

When I contacted support and asked them why I wasn't getting paid they explained they operate over a threshold system saying I have to make $150 monthly in ordered to get paid I was confused, and enraged because I know with as small user base as they have I would never make that much. I spent over a year working on a game in what little free time I had and I was angry because I thought they were going to keep raking in money and never pay me. I tried to get my app pulled from their store they simply wouldn't let me have it pulled. There is no way to get them to remove a game, they just use us developers to advertise the number of games they have and oh no if someone wants to pull out they don't let them.

So I jumped on that unofficial ouya forum and made a post stating warning developers to stay away from the platform and I got a lot of lash back, and a few "refractals" in the process. I had at least 3 other guys from ouya explain to me that it wasn't like that at all.

They said it is a one time ordeal and that it isn't every month unlike what their support guy told me. Which I would have had a problem with because I would never make $150 a month off a game where I had it optional to donate. I only have 2 donators so far for $0.99, and I found out cocoonjs isn't supporting IAP for ouya and they wont be, I thought they would be, I was putting all this effort into their IAP system, and it seems like they don't care what developers want. Next game I make for android just going to use a chromium wrapper with intel XDK or something else than cocoonjs. They claim to support ouya too but anything I try to do anything with it I run into bugs and problems everywhere.

Sounds like someone in their support should get some "refractals" them self, at ouya.

Here is what their support hours had to say to me:

Notice the first guy told me its monthly, royalties. Meaning they would have been paid that $150 before I made a single cent and that I would have had to make it monthly and they would keep that $150 and I wouldn't get paid until a month later. I still doubt I would ever make that much ever on their system still. Freaken 2 donations for $0.99 because Cocoonjs doesn't support IAP. Would have done it differently if cocoonjs would actually support IAP.

If you decide to use cocoonjs for ouya just do premium or all free, it's a headache dealing with their IAP atleast with construct 2. But so few people have used it seems like I'm the only one using it because its "Support" is just words saying they support it and having us developers being the test code monkeies. I really can't blame them for a free service though. Idk how they are making income off of this lol.....

As of right now I don't know if I can trust any of the staff at ouya.

Yes ouya folks you will still be getting updates.But I think in these later updates I will just avoid IAP and just make future updates of the game full on Premium or switch to a chromium wrapper if ouya supports it.

If I had it my way you wouldn't, spent a year trying to get a game to even run on ouya through a service that barely works.

Tim G. at ouya says it does but its massive in size for his source code so idk if he was talking about intel IDX construct 2's natural chromium wrapper or one of his own.

Monday, July 7, 2014

more too

Upgrade points added and a link to the website has been added

Upgrade points will be used to improve the bus's stats. Purchased users will receive upgrade points bonuses if I can get it working right. The upgrades them self wont be added until a later upgrade but you will be able to earn the points for now once is released. For more updates follow me, subscribe, or RSS feed me.

For more information on purchased users view this post: bought-bonuss-going-to-be-added-in

Sunday, July 6, 2014 update Screen shots Terrains system almost done.

This is just a city alpha texture, its not finished it isn't scaled correctly and isn't showing colors I want it to.

This is just a grassy part. Its not finished either, I want to add less detail to it because it feels out of place.

Really all I need to add is different types of roads as well to this and I think it will fit better maybe. Possibly would want different types of trucks and cars for each terrain difference. Not sure.
But this is another sub-sub number update so I hope to have more content in it. This is building up tors a sub number update. Working on achievements next.

Bought bonus's going to be added in BD2DER 1.2

  • Every 30 seconds 1 upgrade point will be added along with every time you reach over a highscore bonus points will be added based off score. Regardless of mode selected
  • A additional bus will be added
  • A additional terrain will be added
  • A different horn sound will play
  • A radio will be added to your bus to play some music

All of these updates depend on cocoonjs updates and intergration of IAP, It will also very version to version. Such as the Ouya version can not handle cocoonjs's IAP. If anyone else knows a route to publish to ouya other than Cocoonjs with construct 2 let me know. I have contacted Ouya Support team nearly a month ago about the issues with cocoonjs and no word back.

Also windows 8 & windows 8.1 should be obvious by now but those are no longer supported.

Google chrome builds will be made available once the android version is patched, which will be after the ouya final build is patched.  I plan on ending this game with the 1.2 patch, I want to work on different projects and games. I would love to do a 3d arena fps similar to quake and unreal tournament.

I already have a 3d platformer game, I made for a class I wanted to release but it became a hot mess due to the inablity to import animations into unity from milkshape 3d.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PC release coming soon.

I am currently working on updating the google play version at the moment but as soon as I am done with that I will be working on getting the pc version of the game up and going.  Currently I am running into financial troubles as well though. Currently I can not get into any position I want, so I have been applying myself to minimum wage jobs and still I haven't gotten any call backs. I want to continue developing games, but I am lacking motivation to due to constantly being screwed over by Google, Amazon, and many other digital distribution services, along with their other services such as google adsense failing to actually pay me and making boat loads of money off of me for these blogs and youtube videos I have.

 Along with failing to ever being able to be able to afford SDK kits for systems such as the WiiU. So no I wont be touching any console other than android ones for a very long time.

I guess I would normally rant on how the economy is not getting better at all and those who are saying it are only saying it because it has only gotten better for them or they want others to feel like it is getting better to spend what little money they have left so the rich can get richer.

In any case I will be working on bringing the most up to date version to PC, not just windows but mac and Linux. I need testers for mac, I wont be able to pay though much like I have already stated I am running into financial issues. I will not need any more testers than mac users but if anyone else would like to try it let me know. I currently do not have any means in which to distribute the game besides FTP's and cloud sharing websites. I have not worked out any deals or anything like that with any business's as I am getting fustraighted with them constantly screwing me over. Maybe I will in time, but as for right now I just want to ad touches to the game and work on porting it around a bit more. I got many of the ideas for it done actually now. I am also looking into publishing a much cleaner android build with intel XDK