Polish... Polish... Polish...

Now that I have added 30 brushes to the create a bus menu, and all its tools I will begin working polishing the game even more so. From making sure that when a controller is not pluged in that keyboard controls will show instead.

A few graphics will be changed to improve quality, and hopefully better music will be added soon before I release it on scirra arcade, itch.io, gamejolt, and many many other sites, store fronts, and later down the road this updated version may see android devices, but it may or may not be free on those.
A few simple things need to be added as well to provide more feed back to the user still yet.
Hopefully we are looking at a early to mid September release for windows, mac(maybe), linux.
I still need a tester for mac builds, I don't have a mac but want to know if there is additonal steps, if anyone is willing to test it that would be nice.

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