New brushes

Adding brushes to the create a bus menu inorder to allow more customization, right now individual parts such as windshields, front lights, and back lights. There is also a transparent brush now as well as many various shapes. Allowing the user to make a deeper detailed bus with less effort.

On a side note the game should be complete in september and released on various platforms, and in various store fronts, some places it will be a pay what you want, others it will be a premium price depending on the platform and store front, while free on others, probably just demo versions and what not.

I still need people who own a mac to test the mac builds.
Linux builds will require me to write a sh script to download and install dependencies.

scirra builds are ready and not hard to do at this point.

The ouya version shall remain as is until it is properly supporting construct 2.Righht now android builds in general maybe on hold due to research that needs to be done with the various different exporting tools, and cocoonjs being entirely unreliable.

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