Saturday, August 30, 2014

Polish... Polish... Polish...

Now that I have added 30 brushes to the create a bus menu, and all its tools I will begin working polishing the game even more so. From making sure that when a controller is not pluged in that keyboard controls will show instead.

A few graphics will be changed to improve quality, and hopefully better music will be added soon before I release it on scirra arcade,, gamejolt, and many many other sites, store fronts, and later down the road this updated version may see android devices, but it may or may not be free on those.
A few simple things need to be added as well to provide more feed back to the user still yet.
Hopefully we are looking at a early to mid September release for windows, mac(maybe), linux.
I still need a tester for mac builds, I don't have a mac but want to know if there is additonal steps, if anyone is willing to test it that would be nice.

Friday, August 29, 2014

More new brushes

there are now about 25ish brushes to mess around with now with even more now on working on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New brushes

Adding brushes to the create a bus menu inorder to allow more customization, right now individual parts such as windshields, front lights, and back lights. There is also a transparent brush now as well as many various shapes. Allowing the user to make a deeper detailed bus with less effort.

On a side note the game should be complete in september and released on various platforms, and in various store fronts, some places it will be a pay what you want, others it will be a premium price depending on the platform and store front, while free on others, probably just demo versions and what not.

I still need people who own a mac to test the mac builds.
Linux builds will require me to write a sh script to download and install dependencies.

scirra builds are ready and not hard to do at this point.

The ouya version shall remain as is until it is properly supporting construct 2.Righht now android builds in general maybe on hold due to research that needs to be done with the various different exporting tools, and cocoonjs being entirely unreliable.

Update coming very very soon

I have most things done, with this update I am just ironing out bugs, and trying to get better much in the game. Right now I am working with someone on that. I have recieved various criticism to fix up some of the graphics, such as the level of detail of the cars, the road, and the background. I will be trying to do improvements on those, as well as adding more to the create a bus menu, right now I am working on brush shapes. Someone has also told me about and I might end up publishing this there.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cocoonjs is down right terrible for ouya

5fps.... Do I need to say more... because apparently the fokes at ludie consider that a upgraded experience with many improvements. Also all the same bugs are still there, NONE of them have been fixed like they claimed to have....
Looks like there will be delays with the ouya release of this patch.... Looks like I am either going to either end up quiting on ouya or I am going to need to look for something else.... in the mean time I think I will just port it around... fuck cocoonjs, I'm tired of submitting bugs for them and them never testing if they work. They still have gamepad issues, even after I have reported them all, and they claimed it was fixed. They just don't test anything, but claim to support them.... No matter what I do in this situation I am pretty much screwed, the newest update heavily depends on webgl, and cocoonjs does "support it" but it is crap for support the frame rate lowers sooo god damn much with the more webgl things you have. The main menu is made up of about 15 objects, 6 of which have webgl effects, just to apply a color when not selected. It really isn't much, if you look at it...

My recomendation stay the hell away from cocoonjs if you want to make a game for ouya, I have gave it a chance for over a year. Wasting nearly a damn year of my life just trying to get my games to work on ouya with cocoonjs's export system which  they have claimed to support for a very long time. Really it is all bullshit, they used their old android compiler that had a lot of problems, and kept in random stuff, and really noting works with it. Their gamepad support is a joke, on release doesn't work with it, and half the time it doesn't register input, if you press the system button it doesn't pause instead it just ignores all your inputs because it tries to bring up a menu system that they took out of the ouya compiler for some reason.  These are all issues I have contacted ludia about privately and openly for a very long time, none of which was resolved or fixed. They ignore the problems developers are having, for instance they have a strobing splash screen for their logo when ever your cocoonjs game loads up. This is very very bad, I get complaints all the time, saying what am I trying to give them a seizure... I have and many others have complained about this.... Ludia isn't listening.... I'm not sure what their motivations are even.

We have to push for efforts of a chromium wrapper if we want construct 2 support on ouya....

Major Update is finally done for ouya

Version is going into Ouya testing stages sometime today or tomarrow. Hopefully there is zero bugs, other wise I will need to do a major over hull and figure out each problem. Cocoonjs has been bad luck in the past for me. But a major part of this update remains probably untested in cocoonjs's engine. It includes screen shots, canvas resizing(for create a bus menu) and several other features untested by cocoonjs & ouya so there probably will be problems. Once the ouya update is released I will begin working on ports to other platforms.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Construct 2 cool thing I found out... Canvas screen shots...

Look what I can do. LOL....
I was just testing this out cause I saw it, and I was like what does canvas screen shots do... apparently this is what they do... to bad I havn't figured out a way to store them in webstorage or something.... then I could make a paint program and people can make their own bus's.
I could let them download it but I am pretty sure I will run into problems on ouya publishing it, and the other problem is if the user downloads it I would have to code it to load from a file location that may differ and may change..... D:  This would be awesome to have if only it worked like I want it too.... I guess people can have their custom skins but they would have to redo it every time.

The other thing is that Canvas Screen shot is a single value overridden each canvas shot. Meaning if you wanted multiple things custom then you might run into a problem.
I think having a custom bus option would be cool to have, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Upgrades working on CHALLENGE MODE ONLY

General details

General Details

The upgrade shop will only appear at the end of challenge mode sessions, meaning only when you get a game over in challenge mode. All of these like the challenge mode is infinity expansible, meaning there are no limits, that being said there will be a way to reset your upgrade stats, meaning if the player wants to go a million billion miles per hour they can, the down side to this decision is not all players will, which is why reset stats is necessary, along with that their will be a option to reset saves as to allow the player to reset their progress.