Bus Driver 2d Experience Rush development re-cap videos

So after a year of working on this game and many many updates, videos, and various other content I have produced. I figured I would share them all in one single post on this blog, seeing how most of the content I posted originally on my personal blog. well here you go from first to last video:


This was me talking about the publishing process and being angry with it, this was right after I had gotten done with most of the "Keep the Cash" games I had made and I was being self-pushed by the deadline on the event caving into the preasure of making 10 games in a single month.


This was right after I released the "Keep the cash" games and the event was over, I felt like spending a little time working on a ok very short video showing each game off. You really can tell where I caved into pressure on  games, some of their title names where terrible.  The one in the thumb nail was my favorite out of all the games.


Through out August, September, and October I was publishing android ports of my games. I worked a long time on optimizing them and getting them on Google play, Amazon, and chrome web store.  Some of the games I re-did a majority of the code in the process just to get more objects on screen. There was still some watering down though as cocoonjs wasn't good at the time and neither was construct 2 on objects. Review sites came in basically blackmailing saying pay them or hey will give me a "bad review". I laughed and made this video. They were free at the time because Amazon had screwed me over so I decided to make them all completely free at that time.


At this point I was working on polishing up the game, I was working on a Ouya version, and a IAP system which didn't work out because cocoonjs is extremely broken far worse than it is now but it is still pretty bad. I basically compiled a todo list and tried to do as much of it as possible in the video. This was right before a ouya build of the game was delayed till March.


This massive update showed a working model on the ouya, the problem with it is it was no where near meeting the requirements to publish and because of a issue on ludei's front with their "ouya support" of not actually having the proper android manifest properies setup for ouya I had to delay the game massively again... All the way till June 20th. Mostly I had school at the time and I wanted to wait till the college term was done so I could work on it, and publish it to ouya then work on a 3d platformer with unity that really hasn't worked out well.

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