Its out.. Release date and update plans

The game has finally hit the ouya tv store

Details of possible update plans: 

As of right now the game is what I wanted originally but I keep on getting more and more ideas.

I think I will create different modes, this being challenge mode mode, arcade mode, and story mode.

Arcade mode:
The game as it is right now, with graphical updates explained bellow in "And Stuff updated".

Challenge Mode:
 I am thinking of adding upgrades, and currency with bus tokens. which you would use to "upgrade" your bus in a challenge mode. Where you have several different objectives to complete.

Classic mode's bus but for every x amount of points in your score you get bus tokens.  I also want to work on a combo system for both, where you have x amount of time to do something and you can only do said action so many times before it stops multiplying but I have to work out those details.

Passenger mode:

I'm been thinking of this concept for a while. You visibly pick up passengers and have to drop them off on the stops along the road. If you miss a stop, you game over. This game mode would be entirely different than the rest of the game and would feel like a different game entirely. More or less this would be a separate mini-game slapped on with a side scrolling view.  This would be to earn bus tokens rather than a score or highscore. Probably DLC... maybe IDK.... CocoonJS AIP don't really work.... on ouya at least, not sure about google play.....

And Stuff updated:

I also want to add levels in which will change the BG in both challenge and classic modes with different backgrounds for each. Classic mode I want to be more realism while challenge mode I want to be more unrealistic. Like being on the moon, with different vehicles.

I also need to add text telling you when you earned points. like a +50 points when you go near a car. Along with a better main menu system. Maybe a pause menu as well if I can.

What I want in a nutshell: 

  1. Improved GUI

    • show when points are made(plus combos multiplier plus sum of points)
    • main menu
      • Challenge mode
      • Arcade Mode
      • Passenger mode
      • Highscores
        • Arcade
        • challenge
      • controls
      • GoTo Blog (link to this site in-game)
    • pause menu
      • resume
      • quit to main menu
  2. Challenge mode
    • upgrades
    • combos
    • challenges
    • bus stats/better bus's
    • levels
      • unreal terrains
  3. Classic mode
    • combos
    • levels
      • semi-realistic terrains
  4. In game currency
    • Gained by score
    • gained by completing challenges
    • possibly IAP(maybe going to be harder to do because cocoonjs's IAP doesn't work with ouya so probably not unless ludei gets on the ball of patching their ouya support in which it needs so greatly.)

These are just ideas of things I want to do, they are not guarantee updates, they are just ideas for a big update. If any of them do come out as updates they will be broken up into parts. Please provide feed back.

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