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Bus Driver 2d Experience Rush development re-cap videos

So after a year of working on this game and many many updates, videos, and various other content I have produced. I figured I would share them all in one single post on this blog, seeing how most of the content I posted originally on my personal blog. well here you go from first to last video:


This was me talking about the publishing process and being angry with it, this was right after I had gotten done with most of the "Keep the Cash" games I had made and I was being self-pushed by the deadline on the event caving into the preasure of making 10 games in a single month.


This was right after I released the "Keep the cash" games and the event was over, I felt like spending a little time working on a ok very short video showing each game off. You really can tell where I caved into pressure on  games, some of their title names where terrible.  The one in the thumb nail was my favorite out of all the games.


Through out August, Septembe…

looking to publishing to more platforms.

Some of the advantages of using something like construct 2 is just how many platforms you can port your games too, there are various services and tools to port construct 2 games to many many different platforms including built in features in construct 2. I have already taken advantage of cocoonjs, windows 8 store, chrome web store, scirra arcade, kongregate, and Node-webkit.

Facebook, a possible future: I have no experience what so ever with publishing games to facebook. I do not know the requirements, but I am thinking of publishing to it once I find a means of which I can get income off of it. I need to do a lot more research before I say yes or no to it, unlike in the past where I spent so much time just jumping into a platform to publish too.
Ubuntu store: With the node-webkit export you get a linux build, I have tested it in linux and it works meh... I really want to find a way to put my construct 2 games on the ubuntu software center but I know this is a far fetch stretch of a g…

Its out.. Release date and update plans

The game has finally hit the ouya tv store

Details of possible update plans: 

As of right now the game is what I wanted originally but I keep on getting more and more ideas.

I think I will create different modes, this being challenge mode mode, arcade mode, and story mode.

Arcade mode:
The game as it is right now, with graphical updates explained bellow in "And Stuff updated".

Challenge Mode:
 I am thinking of adding upgrades, and currency with bus tokens. which you would use to "upgrade" your bus in a challenge mode. Where you have several different objectives to complete.

Classic mode's bus but for every x amount of points in your score you get bus tokens.  I also want to work on a combo system for both, where you have x amount of time to do something and you can only do said action so many times before it stops multiplying but I have to work out those details.

Passenger mode:

I'm been thinking of this c…

Ouya Release is near

For the last several months I have been working on and improving on this game from its orignal release on windows 8 store. It is finally ready for release for the most part. The only thing left to do is make it through the Ouya publishing process, and from there several updates after words.

This is the point of this blog. To inform the users, and show off this game I have worked so hard on, and keep people up to date with its development process. Any and all input is much appreachated so long as it helps. If anyone has any questions about developing, or publishing to Ouya I would gladly reply as best as I can. For those looking forward to this game on ouya, it will be the most up to date version of the game for some time.

Latter on I will try to update the googleplay version maybe, and possibly release it for PC(windows/linux maybe BSD). I hope all my plans for this game come true in the up coming months, but I also hope to work on other projects as well.

 As soon as the Ouya Versio…